Our team is widely recognised for its expertise in competition law. As such, it is qualified to assist and advise public or private stakeholders involved in high-profile litigation on complex issues.

Ranked among the best in Paris, our firm appears before national and European courts hearing all types of competition law claims, whether relating to cartels, abuse of a dominant position, or claiming relief through litigation.

BORREL d’ARCHE advises its clients in various industrial sectors, including those subject to regulatory authorities due to the nature of their activities (in the energy, audiovisual, telecommunications, transportation and health sectors).

Relying on the conviction that competition law is a cornerstone in the development and growth of companies, our firm has structured its activities along four areas of expertise: 

  • Antitrust litigation (cartels and abuse of a dominating position)
  • Criminal antitrust litigation (defence of natural persons)
  • Litigation for relief (follow-on)
  • Merger control. 


Our firm appears before French and foreign regulatory authorities and courts on matters of restrictive competition (abuse of a dominating position or cartels). We assist our clients throughout proceedings before the competition authorities: whether in dealing with any inquiry conducted by an investigation department, in replying to any notifications of claims or reports, or in implementing proceedings as part of a settlement reached with the competent authorities.

Our firm also assists its clients in filing appeals as appropriate. 


The team has also succeeded in defending the interests of company leaders and executives being prosecuted in a personal capacity before a criminal court for participating, in a personal capacity and fraudulently, in restrictive competition activities, and for being an accessory thereto.


Our team also assists its clients before the civil or commercial courts in the context of litigation for relief following any decision by a competition authority. The team can act on behalf of a plaintiff or a defendant in order to seek relief from any loss suffered by an entrepreneur as a result of restrictive competition actions. 


Our team is also experienced in matters of French merger control, from carrying out a feasability study in respect of a transaction, to putting together notification dossiers and negotiating commitments with the competent authorities.

Where the nature of a project makes it relevant, the team may be assisted by specialist economists and, in the case of cross-border transactions, by a network of specialist foreign correspondents, thus ensuring that procedures are carried out in a perfectly coordinated manner before the various competent authorities.

As our firm relies on a large network of highly qualified correspondents before all foreign courts, it can provide all the advice necessary to carry out cross-border transactions.