Resourceful, adaptable and independent boutique law firm with more than 15 years’ experience.

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We are recognised for our expertise in
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Our history


Our approach

Founded more than fifteen years ago by Laurence Borrel-Prat, BORREL d’ARCHE is a boutique law firm dedicated to competition law and distribution law. Competition law has asserted itself as the backbone of any strategy aimed at fostering the growth and development of companies.

Our firm has first-hand experience both in competition law and in distribution law, which has given us an edge as the preferred partner of the clients we assist.


Our firm has developed its expertise around 3 main themes: commitment, adaptability and creativity. We build durable, trust-based relationships with our clients.

Our firm’s goal is to assist our clients on a daily basis, whatever the challenges and business imperatives.

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the business world and of market stakeholders, BORREL d’ARCHE provides genuinely tailored solutions to clients from diverse backgrounds such as the luxury, aeronautic, agribusiness, automotive and telecommunications sectors.

Our firm is well-known for its competence in matters of litigation strategy, and as a result we are often asked to act in matters beyond the scope of competition law (including criminal law, ICC Arbitration, intellectual property litigation and litigation between shareholders). We have, for such purposes, secured the assistance of highly-qualified experts and technicians and we offer our clients a variety of legal services while remaining their primary contact person.

Our rankings

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« A high-tech wardrobe the size of a shop. Strong involvement of members in the files. A very high level of legal rigor and a clearly upscale positioning. »

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« Technical expertise, independence, and loyalty. »

« A high level of technical expertise »


Our purpose ?

Our commitment?

Providing genuinely tailored strategy solutions

To be resourceful, adaptable and creative

The team is fully committed to serving its clients’ interests. Our experts are always keen to provide clients with tailored strategic solutions in line with their needs.

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A boutique law

firm dedicated to competition law and distribution law

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BORREL d’ARCHE has acknowledged experience and know-how in matters of restrictive competition (abuse of a dominating position or cartels). Our expertise covers the various stages of investigation, of settlement and of appeal. The lawyers at cabinet BORREL d’ARCHE’s lawyers also act on matters of merger control. Our firm has secured a large network of highly-qualified correspondents in all foreign courts and it can provide all the assistance necessary in cases of cross-border. 

Our team also assists its clients before the civil or commercial courts in the context of litigation for relief following any decision by a competition authority (follow-on).

BORREL d’ARCHE assists its clients at every stage of the distribution process: from implementing and managing their distribution networks, to negotiating contracts (commercial agency, exclusive or selective distribution, supply contracts, partnership agreements, subcontracting…) and in the context of annual commercial negotiations.

We are also experts at conducting litigation before specialised commercial courts and administrative entities. 

Our lawyers act at every stage of litigation in cases involving infringement upon the principle of free competition in order to preserve the rights and interests of their clients and claim, where applicable, relief for any loss suffered.

Our firm has gained vast experience, not only in competition litigation (restrictive competition) but also in commercial litigation (particularly in cases involving breach of contract and unfair competition).