Our lawyers act at every stage of litigation in cases involving infringement upon the principle of free competition in order to preserve the rights and interests of their clients and claim, where applicable, relief for any loss suffered.

Our firm has gained vast experience, not only in competition litigation (restrictive competition) before the national and European competition authorities, but also in commercial litigation before the ordinary courts in matters relating to breach of contract, unfair competition, significant imbalance, parasitic competition, as well as in the context of claims for relief arising from restrictive competition activities.

We believe it is the responsibility of its lawyers to show creativity and guide their clients in seeking recovery mechanisms and growths. Consequently, our position is not that of a mere service provider, but that of a close collaborator to the operators we assist. As a result, given the obvious overcrowding of the courts’ schedules and the pace of business imperatives, we encourage our clients to seek alternative modes of dispute resolution.

In this context, our firm has developed expertise in the field of judicial conciliation or conventional conciliation; mediation under the rules of the Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP); and also in matters of conventional arbitration or ICC arbitration. Our teams have proved their worth in winning an arbitration award under ICC rules (commercial agent) against a leading company in the field of aeronautics.

Our firm is well-known for its competence in matters of litigation strategy, and as a result we are often asked to act in matters beyond the scope of competition law (including criminal law, ICC Arbitration, intellectual property litigation and litigation between shareholders). We have, for such purposes, secured the assistance of highly-qualified experts and technicians (lawyers, arbitrators, economists, Intellectual Property consultants…) with whom we have established a unique and efficient working agreement. As a result, we offer our clients a variety of legal services while remaining their primary contact person.