BORREL d’ARCHE is often instructed to deal with issues relating to supplier/distributor relations.

Our firm is closely involved in the monitoring of policy governing the relations between suppliers and distributors (Loi Descrozaille, Lois Egalim (successive), Loi Macron, Loi Hamon …). Having developed cutting-edge expertise in this field, we are the trusted partner of entrepreneurs in every aspect of their contractual relationships, whatever their sector of activity:

  • Implementation and management of distribution networks
  • Annual commercial negociations
  • Contractual negotiations
  • Pricing practices

Our firm conducts litigation before ordinary and specialist courts. Our teams have proved their worth in winning an arbitration award under ICC rules (involving a commercial agent) against a leading company in the field of aeronautics. 


We assist our clients in implementing and managing their distribution networks. BORREL d’ARCHE also assists its clients in terminating their distribution agreements (termination of contract, delisting). Our teams have assisted one of our clients, a major stakeholder in the agribusiness sector, in implementing a global distribution network (implementing the network, managing relations with its partner, termination strategy and negotiation…).


Our lawyers assist their clients (suppliers) in the context of annual commercial negotiations involving the main French commercial distributors and any subsequent agreements (general and specific terms of sale, single agreements, renegotiation of pricing; commercial cooperation services, delisting…).


Our firm is very active in the field of contract negotiation (commercial agency, commissioning, exclusive or selective distribution, supply contracts, partnership agreements, delisting or subcontracting…) within France or internationally. Our lawyers at BORREL d’ARCHE have in-depth knowledge of the business world and its industrial issues, and consequently they are qualified to collaborate closely with our clients.


BORREL d’ARCHE is familiar with the practices of wholesale distribution. Its teams are qualified to deal with any pricing and invoicing issues that may arise in the context of a distribution agreement (including logistics penalties). In the context of the recent crisis facing the agribusiness sector, our firm has assisted several clients in renegotiating their prices with major distribution companies in France.


We also assist our clients in implementing their franchise networks and/or in dealing with any related litigation. The lawyers at our firm have advised several clients on exporting their business model to other countries.